GMP upgradation

We have taken up GMP upgradation in a manfold manner. We have concentrated our efforts on

  • Asphalt roads – 600 m2 approx length
  • An excellent water system – Purified water system consisting of sand bed; Micron filter; RO system with two membranes; mixed bed and final collection of 500 liters closed SS storage Tank with jacket. Circulation system with SS loops line with UV lamp and micron filters.
  • Adding storage space of 400 m2 inorder to be GMP compliant
  • Replacing all doors and windows with GMP compliant heavy duty doors to maintain good pressure differentials – an essential GMP requirement
  • Replacing of floors where necessary with Epoxy flooring in sterile areas
  • All core production areas to have polyurethane / epoxy painting
  • Adding equipment such and HPLC and stability chambers
  • Improving the skills of people in all GMP areas with the help of a consultant
  • Bringing up the documentation to be in line with current GMP requirements

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