About Us

SAFE PARENTERALS Ltd. , is a premier pharmaceutical company which is committed to ensuring a global right to healthcare by addressing the worldwide need for safe, effective and affordable medicines. The company is striving to place itself on a strong promising path by expanding its business strategically, strengthening its manufacturing facilities and enhancing capabilities across the organization . The Company is looking at various opportunities in untapped markets and association with business partners in the global markets to boost its revenues.

SAFE stands testimony to the founder’s exemplary commitment to quality, and emerging as a global player.

Today we are India’s leading manufacturer of Oral Dosage Forms ( tablets, capsules, syrups and suspensions), injectables ( vials – liquid/powder) and Large Volume Parenterals ( LVP) . SAFE has been running this good race from the past 15 years. A fast growing and fully – integrated pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and supplies advances, life – saving products.

Our global scale capacities for manufacturing high quality , and our value proposition , built around differentiation and scale, has enabled us to seek global leadership to provide access to quality pharmaceutical products.

SAFE is poised to emerge as a relevant global enterprise, delivering cutting – edge innovation that is affordable, available and accessible.

Our products comply to Global Quality Standards and promote an eco – friendly and cost efficient procedures. We believe in core ethics and give utmost importance to meeting our client requirements.

SAFE is located at Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh , close to the AMARAVATHI - Capital of Andhra Pradesh .


SAFE is committed to simplifying the outsourcing experience with exceptional customer service, while ensuring transparency , accountability and reliability in terms of quality and deliveries.

Every project is a privilege , and our team will compromise nothing to provide an efficient and unparalleled outsourcing experience.

At SAFE we believe in long- term partnership with our core value system being quality and efficiency.


  • Flexibility to operate in various dosage forms and wide range of batch sizes.
  • The manufacturing facility is designed with highly automated equipments to comply with Global Regulatory and Safety Standards to delivery high quality products.
  • Large manufacturing capacity of Oral Dosage Forms and Injectables.
  • Expertise in handling Critical Formulations.


  • Quality and regulatory compliance are the basic building blocks of SAFE
  • Well established Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems.
  • Adopting Quality by Design (QbD) in our Manufacturing Practices.
  • Maintaining transparency and Robust Quality Practices.
  • To comply with Global Regulatory requirements of USFDA, WHO, MHRA, MCC, ANVISA and other Regulatory bodies.


  • SAFE’s brand new innovative multi- purpose cGMP injectable facility has been set up to manufacture Small Volume( Powder and Liquid ) and Large Volume Parenterals in compliance with Global Regulatory Standards.
  • The capacity and infrastructure of this Unit is one of its kind.
  • The manufacturing facility is designed with highly automated equipments to comply with global regulatory and safety standards to delivery high quality products.
  • Competency to tailor the dosage as per the client requirements.
  • Our facility manufactures a wide range of injectables using Aseptic filling / Terminal sterilization.


S.No. Category Present Capacity
1. Upto 500 mg 50 Million / Annum
2. 500 mg to 1000 mg 30 Million / Annum


S.No. Category Present Capacity
1. 2 ml Vials 200 Million / Annum
2. 10 ml Vials 100 Million / Annum
3. 30 ml Vials 60 Million / Annum
4. 50 ml Vials 40 Million / Annum
5. 100 ml Vials 30 Million / Annum
6. 500 ml Vials 20 Million / Annum


Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Small Volume Parenterals Oral Dosage Formulations SVP & LVP
Ampoules - 250 Million / Annum Tablets - 250 Million / Annum Small Volume Parenterals
Liquid Vials - 250 Million / Annum Capsules - 250 Million / Annum Large Volume Parenterals
Sterile Dry Powders - 20 Million / Annum Oral Liquids - 20 Million / Annum  

Quality policy:

At Safe, Quality is not just a measure but a standard of our work culture. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products through intellectual performance, expertise and international compliance to regulatory guidelines. This commitment is the pillar of safe which has approved to be essential to our growth and success.

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