An WHO & ISO Pharma Company

SAFE PARENTERALS Ltd is a premier pharmaceutical company which is committed to ensuring a global right to healthcare by addressing the worldwide need for safe, effective and affordable medicines. The company is striving to place itself on a strong promising path by expanding its business strategically, strengthening its manufacturing facilities and enhancing capabilities across the organization . The Company is looking at various opportunities in untapped markets and association with business partners in the global markets to boost its revenues.

SAFE stands testimony to the founder’s exemplary commitment to quality, and emerging as a global player.

Today we are Indian’s leading manufacturer of Oral Dosage Forms ( tablets, capsules, syrups and suspensions), injectables ( vials – liquid/powder) and Large Volume Parenterals ( LVP) .

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Our Services :

Contract Manufacturing

Commonly termed as Loan license, contract manufacturing is an outsourcing of certain production activities that were previously performed by the manufacturer

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Ethical Marketing

We do manufacture and market our own products. With superior pharmacists and best in industry quality standards, we can promise you a 100% genuinely

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Export of Human and Veterinary Products

In certain places where we don’t have marketing channels, we undergo for a third party channels. The only change is in the branding..

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Production Capacity :

We have the following capacities on a single shift basis

S.No. Dosage form Existing Mfg capacity Proposed Manufacturing Capacity
1. Liquid Injectables-Vials 25000 40000
2. Liquid Injectables-Ampoules 30000 50000
3. Dry powder Injectables 15000 20000
4. Tablets 2.0 Lakhs 3.0 Lakhs
5. Capsules 1.0 Lakhs 1.5 Lakhs
6. Liquid orals 5000 bottles of 100ml 7500 bottles of 100ml